About me

I am a translator and proofreader. I translate from English and French into Spanish, my native language.

Working as a translator and proofreader allows me to connect my passion for words and language with my hobbies: reading, cinema and travel.


I studied English Philology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and trained as a translator at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia and other centres. In 2018 I took a postgraduate course in Translation technologies, Localization and Audiovisual Translation at Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio.

In order to improve the languages I studied, I took summer courses such as the course for foreigners at the University of Caen (France) and online courses, such as the preparation course for the DALF exam of the CNED.

I also completed several courses and workshops on copyediting and proofreading, documentation, writing for the web, subtitling, translation for dubbing and voice over or transcreation in centres specialising in training for translators and proofreaders, such as Cálamo & Cran, Tragora Formación, Aulasic, Asetrad or UniCo.

Life-long learning is essential in this trade, so every year I enroll in courses on various subjects and attend congresses or meetings on language and translation, which also provide a valuable opportunity to interact with other colleagues.


I worked as an English teacher for a very short time, but I never had much of a teaching vocation. I have worked for multinational companies in various sectors, where part of my tasks consisted of writing, translating and proofreading corporate texts: e-mails, reports, contracts and commercial, administrative or technical documents.

For some years now I have been collaborating with publishing companies in the translation and proofreading of non-fiction books about marketing, new technologies, entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle or personal development.

I also work as a freelance translator with several European companies in the localization of web content, mostly related to tourism and fashion, and proofread digital content for some Spanish companies and marketing agencies, as they are increasingly aware that having proofreaders in their teams is necessary if they want to produce quality content for their clients. These texts are diverse: posts, infographics, newsletters, e-mails, short texts for social media and product descriptions.